Christmas traditions in the UK - customs differ in lands and even areas of land. What Holidays customs are practice in the UK?

Many alike traditions

Christmas in UK in a lots of aspects hasn’t differences in context with other countries. Here Nativity Plays or Carol Services are practice too. Britishers at Christmas Eve consume Christmas meals, although tradicional menu is different than in other countries. But the oddity may be carols by Candlelight Service during which the church is light only by candelas. In the United Kindom many Britisher walk to the church where take place church service at 12 a.m. in the Christmas Eve.

Time of looking forward to Santa Claus

In UK kids also look forward to Santa. At the end of the December 24th kids prepare stockings or pillowcases by the fire or children’s beds. They know that Santa Claus put on presents in those things, not under Christmas tree like think kids from other countries. Sometimes kids in UK are very grateful – they prepare mince crumpets or brandy for Santa to eat and to drink when he visits them. Nowadays it is usually alcohol-free drink due to Father Christmas has to drive his sleigh.

The Queen’s Christmas Message

Every year, at second day of Holidays Britishers watch Speech of the Queen. The idea of a Christmas message has its beginning before current Queen came to the throne. The Speech of the Queen was important element in the procurement of popularity of the BBC on beginning of operation. The first speech was in 1932 and it was given by King George V. Queen in her messages tells about important problems of UK and global and presents her approach. It is great resume of events of the year and programs for the next. The Queen’s Speech is key element of every Christmas.

Every lands have their Christmas traditions. The United Kingdom is not the exception in that topic, however a lots of Christmas customs are the same.